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3D Modeling Phase

Based on your plans, elevations, sketches, materials, ideas, or inspiration images from you, we are building a preliminary 3D massing model. A quick preview rendering of the 3D Model is being generated and sent to you for approval. This is the best time to address your comments in order to make adjustments to your design. We are also happy to assist you with ideas if you need help in designing your project.




Preview of the 3D Model you will receive from us.

Rendering Phase

After we get your approval of the 3D model geometry,  we start the rendering phase. This is the time when we create the 3D surrounding environment based on multiple sources like Google Earth satellite images, images provided by you, survey information, site plan, landscape architecture plan . During this phase the 3D model is 100% finalized and it includes all your comments or ideas.  Before proceeding  with rendering a low resolution preview we are setting up the camera angle and send you a screenshot for approval. Upon the camera angle approval, we are generating a preliminary progress rendering. This image is  a raw image generated  by the 3D rendering software.

 Raw rendering ready for post production.

Post Production Phase

After the raw rendering is being generated, we start the post production phase. This is where your project begins to look realistic and refined. In this phase we are working on a high resolution photo montage,  adding details, plants, people and other elements that makes the final rendering look realistic.




Final rendering

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